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Alternative educational and social development system

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Alternative educational and social development system!

The company "Iespēja izaugsmei" Ltd. was established in October

2014 with the support of the Development Finance Institution "Altum"
in order to create and implement an alternative education and social
development system as an innovative supportive set of measures aimed at
personal development.

Since 18.06.2018 the European Social Fund project "Support for social

entrepreneurship" is being implemented. The goal of the project is to
provide preventive and social support measures for the development of an
individual to people in socially disadvantaged situations.

The company has the possibility to receive specialist services

  • in alternative education;

  • behavioral therapy;

  • speech therapy;

  • advisory services for families and professionals, involved in promoting child development.

Our philosophy

Everyone has the right to be a unique, unrepeatable personality.
Children come to the world with special mission, innocent, but each with their own needs ...
Our mission is to help meet these needs and cope with the difficulties encountered by continuing to live fully in the family and in society.

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Company's operating principles:

  • cooperation with local government institutions;

  • cooperation with families - consultations, training;

  • cooperation with specialists;

  • cooperation with foundations, providing financial support measures.

Multi-disciplinary specialist support team:

  • Leading specialist - consultant; (evaluating children's development, counseling for parents, providing information for further child care)

  • psychologist;

  • Montessori teachers;

  • speech therapist; (alternative communication and services in Tomatis therapy)

  • services on departure to local government institutions of Latvia;

  • a team of specialists in group therapy for children (1.5 - 7 years) with behavioral disorders;

  • specialist team for early diagnosis (10 months).

We cooperate with

  • Sadarbība ar labklājības ministriju
  • Sadarbība ar Ziedot.lv
  • Sadarbība ar Bērnu slimnīcas fondu
  • Sadarbība ar LU Pediatrijas centru
  • Sadarbība ar valsts finanšu institūciju

Principles and structure of alternative education activities

Principles and structure of alternative education activities

Project target audience

Project target audience


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