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Alternative educational and social development system

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Alternative education

Based on the child's abilities and needs, a set of support measures for education is developed that would increase the capacity of his intellectual abilities, according to age, using alternative training methods.

An alternative learning process is provided by a trained specialist / Montessori teacher, special teacher and a customized physical environment (room design, materials).

* Children age: from 1 to 14 years.

Operating principles:

  • child development diagnostics;

  • socio-emotional development;

  • development of cognitive processes / intelligence;

  • day-to-day skills acquisition;

  • speech and language development.

Social support measures

Social support measures focus on the child's socio-emotional development according to the needs of his or her age in order to be part of the peer and community environment. If necessary, behavioral therapy is provided. These support measures can be obtained in individual or group therapy classes.

* Children age: from 1 to 14 years.

  • Child's socially-emotional development support measures.

  • Behavioral therapy.

Medical support measures

Speech therapist services are available for speech and language development. Integrating collaborative therapy and alternative communication based on the child's abilities and needs.

  • Speech therapist services.

  • Alternative communication support measures. Cooperation with specialists - psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists.